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two chicks shottie
Monday 06 February, 2012

Has Marijuana Moved Beyond The Stripper Phase?

This post was written by Johnny Green of The Weed Blog and republished with permission. Sex and marijuana have been used together since the very beginning of the movement. ┬áReefer madness supporters used the combination of sex and marijuana in a negative way to scare society into thinking that marijuana was evil. ┬áSome marijuana supporters, […]

Prague Weed
Monday 16 January, 2012

Pothead Paradise: Prague

Our friends over at the Weed Blog posed an interesting question the other day: do you live in a marijuana friendly city? Well, there’s really too many cities/states/countries with an affinity for Jack Herer and OG Kush to name them all. But there is one city that, from personal experience, stands out to me as […]