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Friday 24 February, 2012

Marijuana is the Least of Teen Mom Jenelle’s Problems

If you’ve been watching this season of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 then you know how hard it is to steer clear of Jenelle’s train wreck of a plot line. While most people seem to think that this season Jenelle finally “got what was coming to her” I actually think that the most recent episodes were […]

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Monday 30 January, 2012

“Teen Mom” Bursts into Tears Cause She Can’t Blaze

I just want to go home and smoke and chill and I can’t even do that! Teen Mom is on the list of “shows you’d have to pay me to watch.” Never watched, it, never well. But watching this Jenelle chick cry cause she can’t smoke weed is just priceless. Got to respect her fierce […]