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medcal marijuana field signs
Monday 08 July, 2013

Support Boulder’s Organic Cannabis Farmer’s Market

A marijuana farmer’s market may–and should–soon become a reality.

Colorado-amendment-64-passes-by 54percent
Thursday 15 November, 2012

Let See What The Average Colorado Voter Thinks Of Amendment 64 Passing

As Colorado’s amendment 64 has recently passed, which allows for recreational marijuana consumption in the state of Colorado, many were curious to see how the average citizens on the street of Denver would feel about this landmark vote.

Thursday 08 November, 2012

Obama Celebration Plan Includes A Visit to Colorado, Washington And A Fat Ass Joint

“Well, as soon as I finish my acceptance speech on going to hop on a flight to Colorado and ahhh… and maybe check out Washington state and spark up a fatty the size of my thumb.”

Tuesday 29 May, 2012

Colorado Vet’s With PTSD And The MMJ Rally

As summer heats up in the Colorado Rockies,  and the medical marijuana advocates, gather to come out in force, as they attempt to try again, to add post-traumatic stress disorder, to the long and complicated list of conditions, under which a medical doctor would be allowed to advise their patients, that a medical marijuana recommendation […]

Tuesday 15 May, 2012

Colorado Pushes Foward on Marijuana Blood-Level Test

The ugly idea of Colorado’s marijuana blood-level test has once again shown its hideous face in the Colorado house of Reps. Again a looming gray cloud of fear hangs over the MMJ community as this stinker of a bill tries for approval falling on its face in two earlier efforts to pass this failed bill […]

Monday 12 December, 2011

Herbal Humor of the Day

WeedBowing–It’s like Tebowing…awwwn weed. People from Colorado love their cannabis. People from Colorado love their Tebow. So naturally, there’s now a direct hazy correlation between the two. And of course, Tebow wins (cause that’s all he does)! In a recent poll taken by Colorado’s Public Policy Polling, the people of Colorado showed their affinity for herb and […]