Watermelon Oreos Stoner Creations

By: Kaptain Kush

watermelon oreos

Look, unless you’re stoned or don’t have pubic hair, Oreos are pretty much disgusting and made from nasty shit not meant for the human body. The real mainstream cookie of choice should be Milanos. But sometimes you’re so high that Oreos seem like a great idea–and when they soak in milk, they are by all means fantastic. No longer content with Double-Stufs and White Chocolate-colored X-Mas Oreos. These Watermelon Oreos have some hyper-sensitive African-Americans up in arms, but really, they sound (and are supposedly) kind of good for a hot summer day. And it’s not like they made Chicken & Waffle Oreos (see: Lays).

But the buck does not stop here with Oreos. In fact, a cursory Google glance shows the Oreo permutations are out of control. These are some more of Nabisco’s inriguing Oreo flavors:

Dairy Queen’s:


American Oreos:

GingerBread Oreos:

Best Oreos Ever:

Asians Clearly Love Oreos. Lots of them: