The Vortex Blunt

By: Kaptain Kush

vortex blunt

We’re only a month away from 4/20, and that means it’s time to think of ways to get even more stoned than usual. Fat ass blunts are one of those methods of choice. 4/20 is a day where a) people who never smoke weed (NOOBS) pretend like their veterans/smoke for the first time that year and b) real heads figure out way to get even more retardedly high than usual. The Vortex Blunt can help you accomplish this, as you can fit a buttload of weed into it.

The Vortex Blunt is twofold: it’s for both those who don’t know their Dutches from their Swishers and those that get blunted on the reg. While someone in your crew can hopefully roll a tight one, we’ve all seen too many flaccid, limp scrotum blunts along the way. When time is not on your side, pop that shake in the Vortex.¬†It’s definitely not a bad trick to have up your back pocket, and will make rolling fat Blizzies that much easier.¬†Simply put, the Vortex is blunts made easy.

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If you still don’t get how this works: