The Bowl Mole Paraphenilla

By: Kaptain Kush

bowl mole

The Bowl Mole is the poor man James Bond’s (think MacGruber) stoner accessory and art tool of choice. You can turn any piece of fruit or food (as long as its got some skin!) into a very sleek, sexy bowl:

A kitchen tool that can be used outdoors or indoors, up high or down low. It’s a kitchen tool that would not look out of place in a toolbox or a glovebox, it fits snugly in a purse, backpack, or God forbid – a fanny pack. It’s a take anywhere type of kitchen tool, carry-on next to your travelin’ shoes, if so needed. Whether you are or are not a MacGuyver yourself, you should probably carry one with you, you’ll find it can come in handy.

It makes a countersunk bowl or V-shaped hole out of hard bodied fruits and vegetables. It also can make a couple of other holes or chambers/passageways, one narrow and the other wide.

As long as your destination grows apples or pears, you’ll never be left without a bowl ever again.

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