Solventless In Seattle Stoner Gear

By: Kaptain Kush

solventless seattle

I’ve never lasted longer than 15 minutes watching Sleepless & Seattle, but if I had some of A Greener Today’s full-melt hash, that might just do the trick. The Seattle-staple’s trademark solventless hash (that means no butane in the extraction) was one of the more impressive samples we dabbled with at Hempfest.

In fact, this full-melt is so well-made and potent that you can toss it on a rig and dab it like you normally would (just make sure you give it a nice inhale). Yes, A Greener Today is without a doubt the hash king of Seattle, and this shirt is the perfect ode to the Pacific Northwest’s best BHO-free hash money can by.

Visit A Greener Today or Call Them to Order this Shirt:

solventless seattle