Rasta Double Bubbler with Inline Section and Rotating Marble Glass

By: Kaptain Kush

iladelph inline

Illadelph is hands down one of the premier commercial glass makers on this planet. Along with (old) RooR, Hitman, and Heady, they simply knock their glass out of the park. And their bubblers truly stand out for their innovation and detail. If you’ve ever experienced the double sherlock Illadelph bubbler, you know it’s pretty much just as productive as a nice bong rip. This throwback Rasta piece from 2008 probably isn’t available for sale anymore, but it’s just too sweet not to share. And it’s damn innovative:

This bubbler utilized a colorful double layer raticello technique, included in the 360 degree hollow spinning marble. The disc percolating double bubbler sections are connected with a dropped inline. This piece stands at fourteen inches in height.

We call this Glass Porn:

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