Hitman Glass’ 710 Cup Honey Bees Torch Tube Glass

By: Kaptain Kush

hitman oil rig insane

Every time there’s a big event in the cannabis community,¬†Hitman Glass comes through with hot, functional art to match that event. It seems like this is now a once a month thing. From their custom Transformer pieces with built in torch tubes to their innovative Phase 2 rigs, Hitman is clearly on the cutting edge of Rig/Tube production. The latest effort coincides with¬†The 710 Cup, the inaugural 710 event powered by WeedMaps and hosted by Hitman and Grassroots.

And the bees are buzzing for this one. Clearly an ode to the more oily aspect of 710 culture and also, perhaps Honey The Poo, the detailed art work once again stands out. But the real winner and eye-opener remains the built in torch tube which is simply a must have (or must want) for any big time dabber.

According to the homies at Grassroots California, the current bid stands at $6,400, but, according to Reddit, the asking price is a fitting $7,100. Which means: it’s probably still at auction and if you’re really, really rich and in to dabs and honey, it could be yours!

Email HitmanGlass@Gmail.com If you want to bid on this behemoth and Find Hitman Glass Online

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