Domino Glass

By: Kaptain Kush

domino glass errlephant

An Elephant’s ass in real life might be high and ugly, but the magical thing about recreation and artifice is how beautiful you can make the stinkiest of creatures shine. Domino Glass gave Dumbo a 21st century makeover and the result is spellbinding glasswork. The “Errlephant” is a worthy add to any glass aficionado’s collection, especially if you’re a fan of animal-related glass. These¬†Elephant’s actually look kind of angry–as the badass Tusks are reminiscent of the Mammoths from Lord of the Rings that nearly fuck the Fellowship up.

When you burns some wax off their Trunks, odds are you’ll be just as high as their asses are. I can’t find pricing online–or a direct purchase link–but they’re probably in the $250-$500 range (at least), but you can find out for yourself. Domino is a name to keep an eye out for, clearly.

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