Denser Nuggets Stoner Gear

By: Kaptain Kush

denser nuggets T

“Always loved this logo, but never loved the team enough to rock it.” It’s amazing what a one letter change can do to something. This shirt is awesome because it’s also very true. Having just moved to Denver with WeedMaps, I can attest to the Nugs out here being much denser than in SoCal. Additionally, Javale McGee is perhaps the biggest closeted smoker in the NBA that everyone knows smoke, just based on his Instagram. Ace design by an up-and-coming Kush Gear company.

Buy the Denver Nuggets T or Tank

desner nuggets

The Pirates have been half decent this year. But not as reliable as a deadly OG Hybrid. Their description is also proof they smoke. A lot of weed.

Hybrids are perfect for those people wanna have their cake, and eat it too…and after a taste of the perfect Hybrid blend, you probably gonna wanna have that cake I was talkin’ about…I know I do.

hybrids T