By: Kaptain Kush

ninja turtle bong

The Ninja Turtles are hands down the coolest animated stoners this side of Towelie. With all due respect to Scooby and Shaggy, no one got down the Kush and Munches like Gang Green. Leonardo (my homie) Mikey, Raphy, Donny and Splinter followed up their Ninja Warrior activity with Ninja Dabs and hot pies. They’re just the best, and it’s why we’re in NEED of a Legitimate TMNT Bong or Rig.

I’ve searched far and wide on the web for a legitimate TMNT bong, and this is the best out there. By far. It’s a nice piece, for sure, but you can’t buy it online anywhere. Here are its details

The piece was hand-blown by glass artist STEPLADDER BMFT aka BRENDAN TAYLOR. As a bonus, the pizza slice is removable, so when you are “good and ready”, you can attempt to eat it.

If you know where we can find one–or can make one yourself–holler attaplaya.

Need this too: