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By: Kaptain Kush

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Now that weed is OFFICIALLY LEGAL IN COLORADO, Denver & Boulder are about to blow up in a big way. And whether the state likes it or not, these citiesĀ will become tourist destinations for people all across the country–and even the world–in the next year. Which means an entire new sector of the cannabis industry is going to launch: Weed Tourism. Just like there’s Pub Crawls and Brewery Tours in nearly every major city, there will be Dispensary and (well, eventually/maybe) Grow Tours occurring in these areas. And perhaps one showcasing the best smoking spots in these cities.

If you want to start planning your “Escape to Freedom”, contact the folks at Colorado Green Tours, and they’ll take care of your journey to the new promised land, from seed to bud, ensuring that your trip to Colorado is a very, very dank one.

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