By: Kaptain Kush

boatylicious main flyer

On July 6th, and the newly formed badasses at Take2Enterainment are launching an event on the High Seas. It’s bringing Los Angeles’ finest cultures–music and cannabis–together for an event unlike any other in Southern California. The women will be plentiful, as will the booze–while you have to bring your own buds, the captains aboard this ship have declared that this cruise will be entering Blazing Waters.

In other words: you can smoke weed at this party without having to worry about security guards snagging your stash and throwing you overboard! Pre-sale Tickets are on sale now and if you’re looking to have a good time (who wants a bad time anyway?) July 4 weekend, it doesn’t get much lusher than this. Live music on two stages including tropical guru DJ Viceroy and up-and-coming act Cherub will be bringing the breeze to the boat. So strap on your suits, pack those bowls, and get wet cause Boatylicious is here.

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Cherub keeps it moist: