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Wednesday 05 December, 2012

So You Want To Sling Some Kushed Out Chronic

Fours Things Any New Collective Show Do In Oder To Keep Their Pot And Cash Safe

Stardawg Guava
Thursday 29 November, 2012

Stardawg Guava Strain Review: Nugs, Hits And Glass

Stardawg Guava is an incredibly light-colored OG (ocean grown), relative to many of the OG Kush’s which tend to be darker in color.

Humboldt University marijuana school
Tuesday 27 November, 2012

California’s Humboldt State University Fires Up Marijuana Research

”If anyone is going to have a marijuana institute, it really should be Humboldt State,” Eschker laughingly commented to a local reporter.

Monday 05 November, 2012

Trainwreck ‘Teen Mom 2′ Fails Drug Test… Again

  Earlier this month Jenelle Evans, the main personality (can’t call her star) of the reality show ‘teen mom 2’ gave a revealing interv

Thursday 01 November, 2012

The Chronically Clad Lady Gaga Loves Her Marijuana Monsters: Dresses As KGB for HalloWeed

"I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I've really cut down on drinking. It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my mus

Wednesday 31 October, 2012

L.A.P.D. Warns Parents And Kids: “Look Out For Pot Laced Goodies”

The cultivated growth of the much loved pot collectives in CA has steered many towards the sticky goodness of marijuana edibles that come in all shape

Friday 26 October, 2012

Toni Braxton’s “You’re Making Me High”: All About Getting High

"...Let's make a deal you roll, I lick/And we can go flying into ecstasy' - I was talking about (rolling and smoking a joint)."

Thursday 25 October, 2012

The Alternative Presidential Debate For Third Party Candidates

At The Alternative Presidential Debate For Third Party Candidates ... Gary Johnson was high on everyone's list long before the crowd took a seat.

Tuesday 18 September, 2012

OG ‘Hippy Gourmet’ Busted for Cultivating Hydroponic Marijuana

Bruce Murray Brennan who hosted the cannabis-friendly show was arrested for growing marijuana in his Nevada home after D.E.A. raided his home during a

Monday 17 September, 2012

Weeds Series Finale: Foresee Marijuana Dispensaries Run Like Starbucks

Fake marijuana joints were passed out during a promotion for the series finale of Weeds, concluding the escapades of a marijuana selling widow from th