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Thursday 23 May, 2013

Bong Hits In The Hood

Exactly what it sounds like. New Jack City. On. Weed.

America's prohibition on hemp
Thursday 10 January, 2013

Should We Be Arresting 750,000 Americans A Year On Petty Pot Charges?

From the moment Nixon dreamt it up, in an alcohol induced flash of rage, it is been a disgrace – a blight on our national conscience.

Friday 14 December, 2012

Ex-President Clinton Expose Poor Logic Of Drug War in Breaking the Taboo

ex-president Clinton points out in Taboo: “We could have fighting and killing over cigarettes if we made it a felony to sell a cigarette or smoke on

Stardawg Guava
Thursday 29 November, 2012

Stardawg Guava Strain Review: Nugs, Hits And Glass

Stardawg Guava is an incredibly light-colored OG (ocean grown), relative to many of the OG Kush’s which tend to be darker in color.

Colorado-amendment-64-passes-by 54percent
Thursday 15 November, 2012

Let See What The Average Colorado Voter Thinks Of Amendment 64 Passing

As Colorado's amendment 64 has recently passed, which allows for recreational marijuana consumption in the state of Colorado, many were curious to see

Tuesday 06 November, 2012

I Voted: Time To Light One Up With Rusko And Cypress Hill

I couldn't wait escaped their mosh pit of the doomed. Though I agreed commonly, little did they know the dialogue in the recesses of my righteously m

Friday 26 October, 2012

Toni Braxton’s “You’re Making Me High”: All About Getting High

"...Let's make a deal you roll, I lick/And we can go flying into ecstasy' - I was talking about (rolling and smoking a joint)."

Top 5 Reason President O'Dohbama Is a Hypocrite About Marijuana
Friday 25 May, 2012

Top Five Reason President Obama Is A Hypocrite About Marijuana?

1.) D’Ohbama Our once perceived 420 friend in President D’Ohbama – who has now grown into a proven “Benedict Arnold” as

Monday 21 May, 2012

Co$$ Wants Battle of The Blunts With Whiz and Curen$$y

Seems the West Coast rap game’s got a new dope player in the kushed out field of marijuana connoisseurs . Co$$ is making big noise about being able

Saturday 19 May, 2012

Kush News: NORMLtv’s Weekly Review of Weed In The News

For those in the marijuana community that aren’t aware of who, or what, NORML is and what they do. NORML is a marijuana organization that lobbies ou