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Tuesday 22 January, 2013

Drugs Are Nothing New For Olympic Athletes

Many could not help but wonder if Delpopolo had somehow gained a competitive edge loading up on pot brownies weeks before his match?

Tuesday 18 December, 2012

Nick Diaz’s Fine Stands: $80,000 For Getting High

He and his legal team have been fighting his suspension for smoking pot since then on the merits of vaguely worded NSAC policy and enforcement

Monday 29 October, 2012

San Francisco Giants Smoke Detroit In World Series Sweep

the San Francisco Giants roll fat with Panda pride as this morning the Giants ‘wake and bake’ as World Series Champs.

Wednesday 05 September, 2012

Jamaica Soccer Fans Rather Smoke Cannabis Than Drink Liquor

It’s a shame that most stadiums are trapped serving liquor to their soccer watching patrons and are unaware of the majesty of the 420 friendly socce

Friday 17 August, 2012

Tyrann Mathieu in Rehab for Marijuana: It’s not April Fools

Most kids in college smoke marijuana and experiment in the campus life – releasing Pandora’s Box of inhibitions and also demons. Though headline m

Monday 13 August, 2012

Why Can College Athletes Drink But Not Smoke Marijuana?

The college football landscape has been altered due to headlines featuring a bevy of their star, student athletes – with the expulsion of Florida St

Monday 23 July, 2012

NBA Forward Beasley Quits and Blames Pot For His Poor Play

Once upon a time Michael Beasley was considered an ‘air’ apparent to MJ – Michael Jordan, not Mary Jane. High on everyone’s list to become one

Why is Marijuana the NFLs scapegoat
Friday 20 July, 2012

Pot Is Least of NFL’s Concerns

Where it rains it pours – another NFL player was caught this offseason with a positive marijuana drug test. With a recent football offseason with he

White House Looses to Stoner
Friday 15 June, 2012

Marijuana Lobbyist Fire Up White House Softball Team!

The marijuana lobbyists took a deep breath as they strode to the plate to challenge the White House softball team, in a smoking good game of America's

Friday 18 May, 2012

Today’s NFL Has Fewer Stoners And Better Weed

Looks like ESPN sports analyst Lomas Brown knows of a few more players in the NFL that like to hit the chronic.