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Friday 07 December, 2012

Jon Stewart: Give Grandma Some Pot Already!

Seniors - Utilizing cannabis as a means of replacing their prescription drugs, or eradicating them completely

Thursday 08 November, 2012

Obama Celebration Plan Includes A Visit to Colorado, Washington And A Fat Ass Joint

"Well, as soon as I finish my acceptance speech on going to hop on a flight to Colorado and ahhh... and maybe check out Washington state and spark up

Thursday 06 September, 2012

Senile Grandpa Accidently Grows Outdoor Marijuana

Who accidentally grows marijuana by mistake? If this was an episode of the cult classic ‘The Simpsons’ with senile, old Grandpa Simpson accidental

Friday 24 August, 2012

Ball State Players Found with Pot and Stolen Viagra: Stoner Joke Gold

The Ball State football team is going to have a field day with a couple of busted teammates. Two fellow players have given the rest of the team, fodde

Wednesday 30 May, 2012

Mrs. Obama Blunt About The Presidential Pot Use

Michelle Obama was not interested in beating around the bush with Jon Stewart last night about her husband's pot use...

hitler cocaine
Friday 04 May, 2012

Hitler Was a Coke Head and Liked Bull Testicles

Why else do you think he sported that mustache?

wackness cart
Thursday 03 May, 2012

Man Dealt Weed From His Hot Dog Stand

His relish was of the special variety.

weed cigs
Tuesday 01 May, 2012

Man Tries to Trade Weed for Cigarettes at Bodega

The result will not shock you, but it will entertain you.

Monday 30 April, 2012

Man Brings Weed to Court, Promptly Gets Busted

If you're going to bring weed to court, don't do it like this.

baby smoke weed
Friday 27 April, 2012

Man Arrested for Videotaping 2 Year Old Grinding Weed

And being an absolute moron.