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Wednesday 14 November, 2012

Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter OD’s In A “Blaze Of Glory”

The holiday dazes always tend to make the strange events…stranger, and less welcome. No need to tell that to Jon Bon Jovi. This year around the Than

Thursday 01 November, 2012

The Chronically Clad Lady Gaga Loves Her Marijuana Monsters: Dresses As KGB for HalloWeed

"I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I've really cut down on drinking. It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my mus

Monday 01 October, 2012

Wiz Khalifa Expecting 1st Child: Rapper Cutting Down Marijuana Smoking

Wiz is looking to cut down on his medical marijuana smoking – but only because his love for Amber outweighs the medicinal marijuana known be a muse

Friday 21 September, 2012

Pro-Marijuana Actress Alison Pill Wants Marijuana For Her Birthday

The 'Dan in Real Life' star who smokes marijuana has a birthday this coming November 27. She would be open to any marijuana-friendly care packages; me

Wednesday 19 September, 2012

Marijuana Helped Kreayshawn Blossom Into a Star

Cannabis has helped Kreayshawn reach the stars and it's helping her stay there. Whatever you think about this controversial artist – you gotta respe

Tuesday 28 August, 2012

Rihanna Lands in London Wearing More Cannabis Inspired Fashion

Rihanna is a bad b*tch rebel that doesn’t care what people think. Landing down in London, the artist repped a sweatshirt from Diamond Supply Company

Tuesday 21 August, 2012

Call-To-Arms for Female Celeb Stoners To Support Medical Cannabis

Hollywood is filled with the glitz and glamor of A-list celebrities hobnobbing and painting ‘tinsel-town’ red. Instead, there are some cel

Wednesday 15 August, 2012

Rihanna Dons a “How-To-Roll-A-Joint” T-Shirt During Late Night Munchies Run

Hollywood is flooded with stars, plastic surgeons, paparazzi and medical marijuana dispensaries – the latter being carefully watched by the federal

Lady Gaga smokes marijuana and lets her nip slip
Wednesday 11 July, 2012

Lady Gaga: Slips Nip then Smokes Weed

And yes, Lady Gaga was witnessed later on smoking weed. Wonder what type of weed she was smoking. Must have been dank chronic for her to be dressed li

Miley Cyrus has taken a keen liking to her new pal Mary Jane
Monday 14 May, 2012

Miley Cyrus Has New Kushed Out Canine… Meet Mary Jane

It looks like Miley Cyrus has taken a keen liking to her new pal Mary Jane! The 19 year old, self-appointed queen of KGB, seems to be bringing her new