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Wednesday 30 January, 2013

Whitney Houston’s Brother Was The Gateway… Not Pot

Whitney’s luck finally gave out in Beverly Hills last February after a drug binge that included cocaine, Xanax and marijuana

Friday 25 January, 2013

Marijuana Meeting: Washington State Gets Green Light From Feds?

Gov. Inslee “didn’t think that he heard anything that would stop him” from setting up a legal marijuana market, though Holder stopped short of

Thursday 17 January, 2013

Lost And Found: Hey Man – Have You Seen My Fat Sack of Buds?

Oklahoma homeowner finds mysterious bag of pot left on his driveway. Cops reach out through social network trying to locate the clandestine I grower.

Monday 14 January, 2013

Pot… High On Colorado Lawmakers “To Do List”

Now that the high is starting to where off… and Colorado lawmakers head back to the state Capitol for the first full week of work, cultivating sensi

Friday 04 January, 2013

The Dandelion Marijuana Collective Robbed With Bear Spray

One female Bud tender is probably more than a little relieved that bear mace was the choice of weapon rather than something a little more lethal…

Thursday 03 January, 2013

Lil Wayne Is Proud Of Being Baked For Life

The rapper has had the skate company's block letter logo etched on his forehead, but many also assume the phrase is a cheeky reference to his love of

Tuesday 01 January, 2013

American Basketball Player Smoked Out In China! Marcus Williams Tests Positive For Marijuana

While the NBA is known for their lax policies regarding their players and recreational pot smoking, our friends over in China seem to have a slightly

Friday 21 December, 2012

Baby, Buds, And Wiz Khalifa: Still All About The Weed

Wiz Khalifa is known for many things, smoking good weed, getting busted in nightclubs with Snoop Dogg doing the aforementioned, and occasionally writi

Thursday 20 December, 2012

Super Mario Busted In New York: Weed, Women And Case Of Groping

Earlier this year, a performer dressed as Elmo was kicked out of Central Park for spouting anti-semitic slurs.     The nutty freak show of New Y

Tuesday 18 December, 2012

Nick Diaz’s Fine Stands: $80,000 For Getting High

He and his legal team have been fighting his suspension for smoking pot since then on the merits of vaguely worded NSAC policy and enforcement