East Carolina University: Entrepreneurial Spirit Crushed — Student Pot Dealer Busted Tuesday 05 February, 2013

By: Kaptain Kush


Not that it was ever high on my list of school’s to attend, but you can scratch off East Carolina University  where cops were called to the College Hill Suites last Friday night after getting a tip about a student setting up to deal some ‘Fire. They busted him with 65 grams of weed, $3,870 in green and assorted marijuana tools stashed in the student’s room.

The not so dope freshman, Alexander Hinger, was then charged with possession with the intent to sell or deliver his pot from his dorm room at school. His roommate, Thomas Appleman, was also taken in and booked with marijuana possession.

No guns or weapons of any sort were used, yet these two students are being held at the Pitt County Detention Center. Would East Carolina University rather their students get drunk? Causing liver damage, brain damage and a host of safety issues. Or firing up their entrepreneurial spirit and starting a cottage industry in their dorm room.

East Carolina University Can Bite Me.



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