Wiz Khalifa Pulled Over For A Setbelt Violation: Does P.S.A. Monday 07 January, 2013

By: Kaptain Kush


“Make sure you guys wear your seatbelts.”


Wiz Khalifa should consider himself lucky that he wasn’t smoking a joint last night when he was pulled over in LA for a seat belt violation:

1) Make sure to always buckle up

2) Being a famous rapper that likes to get high… won’t excuse you for forgetting to buckle up

The Omni present TMZ paparazzi noticed the 420 rapper (and sidekick to Snoop Dogg) in the driver seat of his shiny new Porsche 911 Carrera S… shortly after being pulled over in LA cop for not putting on his seatbelt…one of the primary petty violations that local law enforcement uses as a means of getting in your car to look for further violations.

Wiz — who had just spent a relaxing day at the baby shower for his fiancee Amber Rose — was handled the inconvenience with grace and style… Then looked into the TMZ cameras and keep gave a PSA, “Make sure you guys wear your seatbelts.”

Source –  TMZ

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