Marijuana Meeting: Washington State Gets Green Light From Feds? Friday 25 January, 2013

By: Kaptain Kush


Or at least that’s what the Governor thinks he… didn’t hear  

While Colorado and Washington both have to explain to the federal government how their legalization of marijuana will avoid negatively affecting the surrounding states, the Democratic governor of Washington seems to have a head start. Jay Inslee, the Gov. – had an opportunity to outline his states plan for creating a marijuana industry that falls squarely within acceptable parameters and are adequate to satisfy the concerns of Eric Holder and his boss Pres. Obama.

“We went in thinking we should continue with rule-making and nothing I heard should dissuade us,” Inslee told local reporters after he and state Attorney General Bob Ferguson met with Holder. Inslee said the conversation was “very satisfying,” though he also “stressed that Holder said nothing about the federal government’s intentions and whether it would crack down on Washington state or look the other way,” – that from the Seattle Times.

Inslee “didn’t think that he heard anything that would stop him” from setting up a legal marijuana market,  though Holder stopped short of giving two big green thumbs up.

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