Lost And Found: Hey Man – Have You Seen My Fat Sack of Buds? Thursday 17 January, 2013

By: Kaptain Kush


the dazed and confused homeowner had discovered a grocery bag full of chronic KGB in his driveway...

A enigmatic bag of pot mysteriously showed up in Oklahoma driveway causing the local law enforcement to reach out on the Internet, through social media, in an attempt to locate, charge and prosecute the owner of this dank sack of weed.

The local sheriff department was called to a home at 4090 Road in Oologah, apparently the dazed and confused homeowner had discovered a grocery bag full of chronic KGB in his driveway.

The stunned homeowner called the local Sheriff’s Office instantaneously, shortly thereafter deputies arrived at the home and began to process what can only be called a confusing lost and found the case.

“After reviewing the evidence it was determined that reaching out to the public would be key to finding a suspect,” a deputy noted.

Based on the amount of pot located in the grocery bag, the local Sheriff’s Department has concluded the pot had to be related to a local – major marijuana grow operation.

“It is important that anyone that may have information about the marijuana come forward,” the police pleaded. “People can call our tipline and remain anonymous.”

The local authorities, with nowhere else to turn has reached out Facebook, twitter, linkedin and any other social network site they can think of, as a matter of bringing attention to the lost bag of weed.

“We hope that we can reach a larger audience and hopefully get someone to come forward” noted the officer.

Demonstrating just how out of their element they are, the local police department feels that reaching out through the social network is the best way to find an informant who might narc out the mysterious pot dropping grower.

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