Lions’ Nick Fairley’s Not Guilty On Pot Charges Tuesday 04 December, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush



There’s justice even in MOBILE, Ala. –this morning all outstanding marijuana charges for the possession of a small amount of weed against Nick Fairley was dropped this morning , after showing the judge that the Detroit Lions defensive tackle had successfully passed a drug test

Fairley, in court in his hometown of Mobile, has been tested regularly by the NFL since his arrest in April on the second-degree marijuana charge. After he passed a drug test today, city prosecutors asked for the charge to be dismissed. Mobile Municipal Court Judge Matt Green agreed.

According to a statement from the prosecutor that Green read in court, authorities indicated that they were unsure that they would be able to prove that a pair of partially smoked joints in Fairley’s car were his. A passenger in the vehicle, Eric Taylor, told police that he would take responsibility for the drugs.

Fairley, 24, dressed in a charcoal gray suit and a white, silk tie, said nothing during his brief court appearance and declined to speak with reporters as he left the courtroom en route to catch an airplane. Today is an off day for the Lions players. source


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