Ex-President Clinton Expose Poor Logic Of Drug War in Breaking the Taboo Friday 14 December, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


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While it may have seemed like a rather insincere testimonial of drug legalization, but since it was uttered by an ex-US President (known to smoke pot), it was more than a little significant and interesting.

In a recent online documentary … Breaking the Taboo, the onetime President, Bill Clinton, admits the drug war “been in utter failure.” While the comment created a national media storm, Clinton’s ideas went well beyond that.

Making the analogy between illegal drugs and the legal but equally controversial substance of tobacco, ex-president Clinton points out in Taboo: “We could have fighting and killing over cigarettes if we made it a felony to sell a cigarette or smoke one, so we legalize them. If all you do is try to find a police or a military solution to the problem, a lot of people die and it doesn’t solve the problem.”

A welcome and  refreshing breath of fresh air….Clinton demonstrated a logical morality in pointing out that by criminalizing any substance that might be considered alluring to individuals in no way deters consumption, regardless of police presence.

In a recent online documentary …

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