California’s Humboldt State University Fires Up Marijuana Research Tuesday 27 November, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

Humboldt University marijuana school

California’s Humbolt State University, located smack Dab in the middle of the marijuana capitol of the world, has finally dedicated the long-awaited research facility specifically designated to the study of marijuana.

”If anyone is going to have a marijuana institute, it really should be Humboldt State,” Eschker laughingly commented to a local reporter. “It has the potential to be a world-class institute, and we’re just planting the seeds.”

“The Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research,” as it will be officially known, will be a hotspot of cannabis knowledge as the Institute will put forth lectures on the medicinal benefits of cannabis. The Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research currently plans a staff of 11 faculty members all coming from different fields of cannabis studies. The multi-disciplinary study of Marijuana will cover a wide range been spectrum of topics including marijuana economics, pot smokers psychology, in addition to the sociological ramifications of legal marijuana.

A professor of politics , Jason Plume stated “They finally tapped into something that’s a big local concern and part of Mendocino’s Emerald triangle.”  The Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research germination is very timely, with CO. and WA.   recently passing legislation to legalize marijuana, something that California has only dreamt of accomplishing.

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