WeedGeist Documentary Fuels Fire for Marijuana Legalization Tuesday 02 October, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


For any stoner in the medical cannabis community that hasn’t had a chance to watch the online web-series “WeedGeist;” this marijuana smoking patient advises you to sit down and medicate on some hydroponic sativa and let “WeedGeist” free your mind. The newest episode in the pro-cannabis series takes a fresh approach implementing a cultivating police state within the U.S. – and we may be the ones contributing to our own downfall.

The online 420-friendly, web-series emphasis isn’t just about the efforts to legalize medical marijuana within the United States, but the objective documentary also fights for the total decriminalization of the marijuana plant along with hemp – which can be used for various textiles and industrial/commercial resources. With an overwhelming population of patients in need of purchasing legal medical cannabis, “WeedGeist” touches on the cry of those medical marijuana patients – yet the focus of the film stretches well beyond just medicinal means.

Episode “WeedGeist: Prison State,” touches on how a few states like Arizona, utilizes criminal arrests, imprisonments & the legal system to help finance services and assets for the state. This episode infers that the government of state unjustly and illegally piggy-backs on ‘Frankenstein-ing’ criminals from small offenses to help pad the bank accounts of officials, finance more incarcerations and offer services to the wealthy 1% voters – all the while, hardening those lesser criminals into psychopaths deviants. Opening up Pandora’s Box for increased mayhem.

This episode is the follow-up to the highly controversial and enlightening documentary, “WeedGeist.” It delves into the factual and vital evidence to officially legalize marijuana for medical and recreation use – ending the prohibition of marijuana for ailing patients who need the plant’s bud. This pro-marijuana documentary is adding fuel into the fire of the movement to legalize marijuana. This movement is all about freedom – the staple of the United States of America.

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