The Alternative Presidential Debate For Third Party Candidates Thursday 25 October, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush



Back in 2008 there was little question that there was no hope for Republican candidate, at least that’s how the GOP felt; it was a far better thing to let the ‘open wounds heal,’ the smart money said, and hand over the horrible responsibilities of the White House to this one term congressman from Chicago. All the while planning to beat him like a rabid dog in 2012, once the financial storm had blown over and many have forgotten the pitiful low IQ years of the Bush administration.

It was a strategic retreat for the GOP. Let Obama and the Democrats reap the whirlwind of the public rage and loss of faith in government that came in the wake of the second Iraqi war, and the utter collapse of the American stock market.

On the road to sanity, where was the real debate?

Participating in the more interesting “third-party candidate debates “were Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, and Gary Johnson. Trying to moderate the debate, while remaining awake past his bedtime – was Larry King. As should be expected Larry was less than prepared, that being said his questions were far more thought-provoking than asked at any of the corporate lapdog debates. The questions were free from political party bias, as they had been submitted through the internet and selected by Free&  Also subsidizing to the debate with some thought-provoking questions was the audiences, who were permitted to applaud and regularly did so.

Gary Johnson was high on everyone’s list long before the crowd took a seat.

On the road to sanity, where was the real debate?

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