Medical Marijuana Growing Granny Fends Off 13 Burglars w/ Bear Spray Thursday 04 October, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


A handicapped grandma from California has entered the stoner “Hall-Of-Fame” as she defended her home, grandchildren and medical marijuana hydroponic grow when 13 crooks invaded her humble adobe. The elderly marijuana horticulturist had a card-under-her-sleeve as she whipped out a bottle of bear spray and blasted the burglars causing them to flee like cowards. As the early morning dew begins to collect, the granny with a green-thumb was awoken looking down the barrel of an AK-47.

The unnamed woman reported that the vandals wanted her medical cannabis that she cultivates in backyard indoor hydroponic garden – being her only source of revenue. With the burglars so focused on ripping off the elderly medical marijuana patient, they hadn’t noticed the bear spray the pro-marijuana grandma grabbed as she laid waste to the cowards. The grandmother jested that, “If someone tried to go after my sole source of income; I am not going to back down. They are going to have to go through me and fight me.”

As the burglars threatened the grandma on the whereabouts of the medical marijuana she grows; granny whipped off the safety on the dispenser and sprayed in the direction of the vandals. The bear spray nailed 3 of the cowards directly causing them to cringe in pain. “I didn’t know how dangerous the spray can be,” she stated. “All the crooks went darting out in all directions – and there were 13 of them.”

The grandma will always protect her family and house, but know has chosen to cease the marijuana cultivation. Growing medical marijuana will be off this granny’s list as she has chosen to stop cultivating the cannabis plant that is medical and recreational for the safety of her children. The badass grandma doesn’t want to endanger the safety of her family. After news of this marijuana growing grandma hits the waves – she need not worry for her home safety with bear spray at her side.

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