Weeds Series Finale: Foresee Marijuana Dispensaries Run Like Starbucks Monday 17 September, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Fake marijuana joints were passed out during a promotion for the series finale of Weeds, concluding the escapades of a marijuana selling widow from the suburbs which sparked up hatred and love among the medical marijuana community and its local smokers. Spoiler alert! Anticipate a bevy of responses from the anti and pro marijuana legalization groups, after the show’s finale forecasts that marijuana will be legalized then commercialized into a business model like Starbucks.

The Weeds series finale fast-forwarded an unspecified amount of years; Nancy – portrayed by Mary-Loiuse Parker — is the owner of a chain of 50 medical marijuana shops. Not to ruin the last episode, but a future where cannabis-infused drinks can be purchased as Tall, Grande and Venti sizes along with a large or small marijuana blueberry scone was the Weed’s last vision for a pro-marijuana future.

Quite an interesting forecast, especially in a time where the federal government is raiding and attacking medical marijuana collectives left and right; after saying four years earlier he would not interject in state-regulated law. Is this a possible option for medical marijuana patients to purchase their medication? Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act is currently over 50% of voters in support – but it’s still early to predict the outcome of the fate of the marijuana plant. Don’t invest in the ‘Weed-bucks’ franchise just yet, but don’t snicker at the Weeds vision of a pro-marijuana society of tomorrow.

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