Pro-Marijuana Actress Alison Pill Wants Marijuana For Her Birthday Friday 21 September, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Melodic tunes glare as the bottles of Moët are popped while the festive crowd cheers in celebration of fashion designer Chris Benz’s birthday – following the successful fashion show of the chic designer. As the mood shifts to a casual atmosphere of laughs and merriment, Newsroom actress Alison Pill confidently said that, “Personally I despise birthdays more than anything on this Earth,” mainly for the reason “I’ll have my make-up and hair done everyday and I dress myself everyday, so the notion of getting ‘hair-and-makeup-ed’ and dressed nicely for one specific day of any likes feels like work to me.” A birthday with bud would be special.

The actress’s perfect birthday…”the greatest b-day on earth is to get at most, 5 friends and family over for some b-b-q and to cook tofu because it is my day of birth and they have to take it.” While the after-party continues, Pill continued to say that “I want a birthday that includes myself and my favorite movie Oliver & Company and some Cristal champagne and of course some organically grown marijuana.” She adamantly yelled in the microphone to the crowd “and marijuana should be legal.”

The ‘Dan in Real Life’ star who smokes marijuana has a birthday this coming November 27. She would be open to any marijuana-friendly care packages; medical cannabis with some rolling papers sprinkled in wicker basket. Be Creative. The ganja smoking actress said, “It would be the best birthday EVAH!”

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