OG ‘Hippy Gourmet’ Busted for Cultivating Hydroponic Marijuana Tuesday 18 September, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Every legal medical marijuana dispensary can be seen adorned with gourmet cannabis edibles and treats for all marijuana patients. Before the gourmet food craze, thanks to channels like Foodnetwork, the ‘Hippy Gourmet’ was showing all foodies and gourmands what true gourmet cooking was – just with an infusion of marijuana in the recipes. Bruce Murray Brennan who hosted the cannabis-friendly show was arrested for growing marijuana in his Nevada home after D.E.A. raided his home during a medical marijuana compliance check. The O.G. (original) chef was the host of the P.B.S. show – yes, the same channel that brings you Sesame Street – hosted the popular show for 6 years and showed the medical marijuana community an array of marijuana-infused recipes like Chocolate Red Velvet Cannabis Cupcakes or marijuana caramels.

Brennan was said to have an intricate outdoor and indoor hydroponic setup and was booked with cultivation of marijuana with intent to sell the medically grown medical marijuana. Police found roughly 8 to 10 lbs. of marijuana flowers in addition to marijuana bongs and paraphernalia. Lieutenant Stephen Tripp said the O.G. Hippy Gourmet, “had 80 cannabis plants fully grown and ready for harvest.”

The nationally publicized P.B.S. show shared the wisdom of Brennan for the 1st 6 years, but left after a violent home robbery laid friends and family of the chef bloodied and hurt – right after the show released a marijuana cookbook for stoners along with a public national tour.

For kids to watch Mister Rogers in the morning – as this medical marijuana patient did – and adults to watch the ‘Hippy Gourmet’ was an ideal audience for P.B.S.; considered to be among the most wholesome networks. They may have something right in their views of education of children as well as adults in a wholesome way – the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe” and also “Stoner Recipes: 101.” Mister Rogers in the morning, smoking a bowl of some indica, and then tuning in to some Hippy Gourmet sounds like a relaxing time in the morning. P.B.S. may have their values right. Arresting a marijuana cultivator/chef for growing marijuana, while the assailants that invaded his home are left on the loose seems quite inversed. P.B.S. +1, D.E.A +0.

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