Mystery Stoner Smoking Marijuana From Pipe Resembles Brooke Shields Friday 28 September, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Who out there in the medical marijuana community thinks that the stoner in the image is Brooke Shields? And of course, there are conflicting sides to who the female pot smoker really is. Brooke Shields openly tells the public that the woman in the picture smoking out of a marijuana pipe is not her, which was recently released on Twitter by David Hill. A representative for the former model and actress said the picture that was taken back in the 80’s was not ‘the Blue Lagoon’ actress.

The old, grainy scanned picture portrays a female stoner which shares a strong likeness to a much younger Shields – the image showing the alleged Shields with a lighter and sparking up some pot in a pipe, sitting on a tacky-suede-blue couch from the 80’s next to H.R., who is the main vocalist for the eclectic reggae/hardcore pro marijuana band Bad Brains.

The multi-dimensional actress has always had a squeaky-clean, straight-edge image. Even though Brooks doesn’t smoke indoor hydroponic grown marijuana, she also doesn’t see the reason behind the problems with marijuana legalization. “I am not sure if it was reverse psychology, but my mother would say, ‘If you want to smoke marijuana, then go ahead. Just do me a real quick favor – let me sit next to you and smoke a quick bowl with you. We can be smoker gal-pals,” laughed the once guest of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson when she was 13 – as she told Nylon magazine way back in a 2000 interview. Whoever the female marijuana smoker is remains a mystery, what we do know is that the mystery toker-ette is receiving plenty of therapeutic relief.

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