Marijuana Helped Kreayshawn Blossom Into a Star Wednesday 19 September, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Love her or hate her, Kreayshawn has her own flavor and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her – mad respect. Her jam “Gucci Gucci” cultivated a viral Youtube phenomenon, and now the tatted up lyricist is laying down her debut studio album “Somethin ’Bout Kreay.” Kreayshawn is known to be an aficionado at smoking pot, but little information was public about the rapper’s days of slanging marijuana on the side. Selling Mary Jane to patients helped the budding artist blossom into stardom.

The notorious Woody-Woodpecker of the hip-hop game, ‘Kreay’ came to fame after the music video to her 1st single “Gucci Gucci,” turned instantly viral, snatching 3 million views in the 1st 3 weeks on the internet – helping the pro-marijuana artist grab a record deal with Colombia Records. “Everyone thought I was hatin’ on bourgeois bitches, and that’s wrong. I don’t diss every bitch that’s got a Gucci bag,” says Kreay. “It’s how you sport it. People that have brand names and think they are better than everyone else. That’s what a ‘basic bitch’ is. All these ‘basic bitches’ that only wear brand names thinking that’s its chill, but it’s not.” Kreayshawn never had the luxuries of being fed with a silver spoon.

Growing up in Oakland, she was introduced to music at an early age from her mother that was a member of a San Francisco punk band. Working odd jobs to pay rent, Natassia Gail Zolot a.k.a. Kreayshawn, eventually turned to selling marijuana and also pills. “It was certainly to squeak by. I wasn’t trying to by Tony Montana.” After selling cannabis to the Oakland medical marijuana community for about a year, Kreayshawn dipped into cinematography while filming her friends drinking and socially smoking marijuana – adding sick tracks in the background. “I saved all my cash by selling indoor hydroponic marijuana for a camera, dropped the street game and the music game was on.”

A tribute to marijuana can be seen inked on her right hand; a sexy badass female alien sits on a beach and smokes some hydro weed. Kreayshawn has a medical marijuana prescription that she got from her doctor. “I got a recommendation that says I need to smoke marijuana,” says the artist. “When you’re hella stressed-out and out-of-it, it’s tough to clear your brain and be artistic. Weed helps you be creative and clear your mind. You’ll discover crazy new shit while your stoned that would never come to light if you were sober.” Cannabis has helped Kreayshawn reach the stars and it’s helping her stay there. Whatever you think about this controversial artist – you gotta respect the hunger.

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  • It’s really sad about all the hate and apathy in this country. People, I hope will soon realize the benifits of medical cannabis when either they become sick or a loved one does! It’s a cure for CANCER!!!. I am a disabled Veteran and it has done miricals for me! And is helping me stop the dangerous addicting pain med’s from my Doctor! I am truly Blessed by this medicine! At 61 years old im getting better and stronger every day! Thankyou Bryan Turnbull (DETROIT VET)

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