I Dream of Jennie Star Admits Medical Marijuana Helped Him Beat Cancer Friday 14 September, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


What red-blooded man wouldn’t want a beautiful female, magic genie at their disposal at all times –even if you’re gay. Not to offend the gay community or our fellow female medical marijuana patients, but it’s true. Thanks to the magic of television and technology, this stoner got to enjoy this fantasy by getting to watch I Dream of Jennie – with the rapport between Major Nelson and Jennie cultivating television magic. Larry Hagman, who played the role opposite Barbara Eden, has openly admitted about having cancer and using medical marijuana as treatment for the debilitating disease.

The 80 year-old Hagman has given all the credit to smoking medical cannabis to help him treat his cancer. Also a star of the hit show Dallas, this elderly medical cannabis card holder was given the grave news that he had cancer just last year, but now the cancer is in remission. The German magazine, Bunte, quotes Hagman saying “The cancer along with the chemotherapy really drained me and made me a shell of a man. I dropped about 30 pounds and only tipped the scales at 170 pounds. Buying cannabis at medical marijuana dispensaries was a holistic option. Pot gave me munchies and truly helped bring back my appetite.”

Now the newly turned marijuana smoker, Hagman is now open with his battle with cancer, admitting that marijuana helped with chemotherapy and the draining effects from it. He has labeled marijuana as a genuine medicine while giving praise to the cannabis flower as “way better when compared to cigarettes and liquor…and this plant hasn’t killed anyone. Booze and tobacco can say that.”

Hopefully Larry can beat this deadly disease, and marijuana laws will be reformed so it can aid men like this. The actor has the medical plant to help him alleviate his pain – for now. The medical marijuana community has its newest member and we send our regards Mr. Hagman.

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  • Tony Aroma says:

    It’s NOT “Jennie,” it’s “JEANNIE.” Look at the clip you posted if you don’t believe me, and please correct your headline.

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