Artwork of Rihanna’s New Single 420 Friendly: A Blunt of Diamond OG Thursday 27 September, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Rihanna is now dubbed the new ‘Diva of Kush.’ It’s not a secret to the millions of fans that RiRi loves to smoke weed everyday. Google® Rihanna smoking medical marijuana – search results a plenty. Most people – which include this dapper legal medical marijuana patient – shy away from the cameras when they are smoking pot. Rihanna is a bad bitch and she doesn’t care that her cannabis consumption is made public. The singer aligns herself with the medical marijuana community – which knows the benefits of legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use.


The Diva of Kush loves the organic plant so much that Rihanna has chosen to go ‘green’ for her recently released single “Diamonds.” Anyone that has rolled up a blunt of some OG Kush chronic knows what Rihanna is doing – probably never with real diamonds before, unless you’re Snoop Dogg or Bill Gates.

To the folks that are unaware of the benefits of cannabis, the 420 friendly cover-art depicts Rihanna holding a blunt wrap which is normally used for rolling up marijuana into a cylinder, which is then lit and smoked like a cigarette minus all the deadly carcinogens that come with tobacco. Just replace the diamonds for some diamond OG kush marijuana. This cannabis patient’s doesn’t have any ‘bling’ yet, but the motor is still running in the direction of the countless influential and successful entrepreneurs that smoke marijuana — trying to better the world for the billions of humans that are inhabitants of this floating rock in an exponential universe.

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