Amanda Bynes Painting Town Green: Seen Smoking Marijuana Thursday 13 September, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


From painting the town red while drunk-driving to painting the town green, hot-boxing and shopping – hopefully Amanda Bynes has put down the Grey Goose vodka and picked up the Bubba OG Kush. The Nickelodeon child-star has had two separate run-ins of drinking and driving, endangering people’s lives and also her career. With a fresh suspension of her license due to the DUIs, thanks to, now Amanda Bynes was seen hot-boxing marijuana in her BMW while running errands in San Fernando Valley.

The actress now turned stoner; Bynes was seen smoking out of a marijuana pipe that was camouflaged as a car cigarette lighter with little nugs of cannabis scattered in her cup-holder. She then made her way to the Baja Fresh, to enjoy being high and eating munchies. After a pit-stop to the Home Depot and another quick toke out of her pipe of some California chronic, the stony actress made her way safely home. It appears Bynes has trouble driving while intoxicated on alcohol, pretty much like everyone else – but no problems arose when she was high on medical marijuana while running errands.

Bynes is charged with 2 separate counts of drunk-driving after driving her Black BMW into a police car while partying in Hollywood and also hitting a motorist on the famous Ventura Boulevard in San Fernando Valley. Facing up to 2 years in prison, hopefully the actress can stop her drinking and turn to medical cannabis for recreational use. The medicinal plant that can also be used recreationally, could ideally detour some of her reckless Hollywood ways of drinking and partying. Instead of going to the liquor store, perhaps running to the local medical marijuana dispensary is a safer bet for her.

The successful pot smoking, bad bitch Rihanna should be a role model to Bynes in comparison to the drunken ways of Lindsay Lohan (*Ms. Lohan is now skipping rehearsal of her new movie Scary Movie 5 because the script made fun of her. Put down the bottle and read the script prior). Getting plant nutrients and smoking a bowl of some chronic while enjoying some munchies seems much safer to the Hollywood star as opposed to having some drinks and…


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