Lollapalooza to Showcase RHCP, The Black Keys & New Marijuana Ticket Laws Friday 03 August, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Lollapalooza will be the jump off of fun times, tunes and a journey of enlightenment for many. The summer time music festival will also be the 1st time Chicago’s new marijuana ticket law will be enforced. This yearly 3 day water-front music joint was once dubbed as the “fully baked” bash together with promotional joint rolling paper. The skinny jean, indie-hipsters that toke up indoor grown hydroponic pot who listen to The Black Keys and Florence + The Machine may frazzle their deep V-neck shirts hearing recent marijuana news.

With Chi-Towns push to decriminalize pot; starting Saturday, law enforcement will have the power to enforce $250 tickets for anyone caught with marijuana. And one would think that the audience will be compiled of 420 enthusiasts that roll up a joint, spark it up to enhance the concert going experience.

Before anyone gets their hemp shoes scuffed kicking in frustration, Chicago Police law officials say the new marijuana ticketing ordinance will not be implemented within festival limits, which is held at Grant Park – a private fenced in Chicago Park District property. The one exclusion to the new law – cops will instead continue to detain stoners in the park possessing less that 15 grams of pot; roughly 25 massive joints.

The marijuana smoking concert goers outright feel they’re in the sniper scope of a more punitive marijuana policy compared to other individuals elsewhere within the windy city’s’ limit. Who knows if any pro marijuana smokers will be arrested due to skewed marijuana laws, yet last year, cops made a grand total of 0 cannabis related arrests in an audience of 270, 000 concert goers that walked through the gates of Lollapalooza.

That’s in preserving the general stigma of unspoken vibe at numerous outdoor festivals, where the pungent odor of pot smoke wafts in the crisp summer air and cops take a “turn-your-head-look-the-other-way” approach to all the cannabis consumption – unless you’re blatantly blazing. This has been a custom since the days when Lollapalooza opened its gates for the public which include the medical marijuana community.

The executive director of pro-legalization group NORML’s Illinois division, Daniel Linn stated that the city needs to openly promote the modification in the marijuana law – specifically with the massive influx of marijuana smoking travelers on their way to the 420 friendly concert. Lin stated, “This is a welcome policy change to people who really follow the issue, but much of the general public won’t know they could be in line for a really expensive ticket,”

NORML plans to Tweets to its medical marijuana community, reminding them the citations take effect Saturday.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have fought the characterization of the switch to ticketing as decriminalization, presenting it as a method to keep cops available to attack true, serious crime instead of wasting their time trying to catch stoners that have miniscule amounts of marijuana. In an economy facing various high budget deficits, this strategy will alleviate the deficit with citations starting at $250 for the 1st time of marijuana possession and goes up to $500 for additional offenses.

For many, Lollapalooza will be the opportunity for Chicago to showcase how to handle marijuana laws correctly. To the stony concert goers out there lucky enough to spend some quality time at Grant Park this weekend…Stay Smokey and Be Safe.

Lollapalooza Official Line-Up…

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