Legalize Mary Jane says Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Monday 27 August, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Browsing through my Netflix ‘Instant Queue,’ Breaking Bad still remains untouched. Adding into the archives due to the raves of friends and family, yet still sitting on the shelf – the interest for the critically acclaimed show has slowly began to rise after hearing that Aaron Paul is a card carrying medical marijuana patient that supports cannabis. His co-star Bryan Cranston isn’t a patient that smokes cannabis, but agrees that decriminalizing this holistic plant is wrong. His counter-part, madman Walter White, would have to agree.

High Times marijuana friendly magazine reports the star of AMC’s Breaking Bad said…

“I visited the set of Bill Maher’s show and publicly stated, ‘Legalize marijuana.’ Why is cannabis illegal?”

The wise star goes on by saying that cannabis started off with a negative stigma around it, but wine and cannabis are the same to me – they are no different, yet booze can be found legally at every corner. “The plant that comes from earth is meant to alter your mood and state – and that’s not bad. It’s a drug of choice. It’s perverse that marijuana is not legal. The fight for Mary Jane still rages on.”

Cranston goes on to say that weed has always made him drowsy, probably the effects of a heavy indica strain. “I have a buddy of mine that will smoke pot, or have a marijuana-laced lollipop, on the regular. It doesn’t make him drowsy; he will clean the whole damn house! Going to work with no problems or ill effects. His metabolism is off the charts. Everybody is different. I am quite active during my day. After a 15 hour day of filming Breaking Bad, after a shower, I’m in bed and done. Yet, if I have insomnia, let me have a little nibble from a cannabis edible, and I’ll be out in 10 minutes.”

“It really comes down to everyone’s decision-making. We have millions of stoners who smoke cannabis on a regular basis that don’t turn into thieves. So no more fluff with the argument of why pot is so bad – it’s not going to work.”

With such wisdom coming from Cranston, this stoner that loves watching movies may have to enter the world of Breaking Bad. With the success of the show – hopefully the medical marijuana community can get Breaking Bad: MMJ starring Tommy Chong making cannabis oil to cure cancer patients.

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