LA City Council: Cheers Bob Marley & Jeers Marijuana Dispensaries Thursday 09 August, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Los Angeles is endlessly fluttered with glitz and glamor that all parts of the nation are infatuated with, from the Hollywood sign to the Staples Center. Ice Cube’s “It was a good day,” perfectly envelops what southern California is all about. Cube flows, “It’s ironic, I had the brew she had the chronic. The Lakers beat the Supersonics.” Lyrics of irony involving pot seem quite similar to what the Los Angeles City Council are trying to do with medical marijuana dispensaries.

City Hall sticks with you unwanted parking tickets, leave you with the most undriveable roads in America, congested traffic, and surprises you with a massive deficit they are facing. With all these problems on their plate, the primary agenda of the L.A. City Council was to honor the hall-of-fame, stoner legend Bob Marley.

The most overpaid politicians received their salary, which is the highest in the nation, got a little 420 friendly to the medical marijuana community by commemorating Bob Marley and his serene pot smoking lifestyle. Bob Marley day will embrace the DVD release of the movie MARLEY. The L.A. City Council declared 8/7/2012 is officially Bob Marley day – with the medical marijuana patients eerie, ecstatic, yet perplexed.

A city council that demonizes the medical benefits of medicinal cannabis, recently voting 14 – 0 for the banning of Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries – Negating the fact of CA. state prop 215 and SB 420, that confirms local municipalities do not have the power to close down legally licensed pot collectives. To vilify marijuana collectives and patients on one hand, yet praise a glorified marijuana advocate on the other – doesn’t make sense?

As a marijuana patient that enjoys the obligatory 4:20 bong rip of some pungent indoor grown, OG Indica and a fan of one of the most influential artists of all time…this Marley fan finds it blasphemous that the city council would do this. To openly attack the marijuana community with a running countdown to medical cannabis dispensary prohibition and to have a day honored to a praised musical genius that smokes weed everyday – playing both sides of the fence shows cowardice and weakness.

It’s like the Nazi’s embracing Jon Stewart. Just confusing is all.

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