Larry King: Marijuana Legalization Next Step After Gay Marriage Thursday 26 July, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


“Do you think we should legalize marijuana? I think we should. It’s about time.” –Larry King.

Larry King is synonymous to “True” American Journalism as Tommy Chong is to “True” American Marijuana Activism. After decades of on the air-antics at CNN which featured famous personalities that supported cannabis while promoting a pro marijuana stance, King has retired from those bright lights and has now turned his attention to the Internet.

Reddit helped cultivate a live 3 hour Q&A which fans could flip-the-script on the award-winning host, and ask him questions which ranged from personal information, the current state of our country and what’s the deal with the tacky suspenders?

One of the controversial questions asked regarded the state of current marijuana laws and how legalizing marijuana could change the course of the country. A 420 friendly marijuana supporter, King quoted Lenny Bruce – “Marijuana will be legal some day because every law student I know smokes it.” Bruce didn’t enjoy smoking pot, but advocated for marijuana legalization and everyone had the right to smoke weed everyday.

A brilliant mind who understands all the health benefits of marijuana, King believes legalizing cannabis is the next step in evolving our society right after we deal with the issue of gay marriage. He believes pot should be legal, however you shouldn’t be able to smoke marijuana then drive right after. “I’ve asked cops if one could be legal, booze or weed, which one would it be, and the they all said marijuana.”

The legendary television and radio host is on the decline of his brilliant career, spanning the globe and instilling wisdom to the public. From his illustrious days at CNN, Larry dippin’ with Snoop and flossin’ his west coast OG flavor is priceless…

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