KushSmoke Girl of the Week: Christijana Friday 04 May, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


If you were wondering what Marilyn Monroe would look like with some bongs and weed, wonder no more. Christijana is a stunner and someone you will probably be seeing on much bigger screens than the one you’re currently on in the near future. Not only does she have eyes that melt hash and a body that does not quit, but she’s also every stoner’s dream: cool.

How cool? Gamer cool. When she’s not too busy with modeling and acting, she’s beating up men on Xbox Live or PS3. Yes, it’s equal parts shocking and awesome. And it’s also safe to say she’s probably the hottest chick on this planet that can kick your ass in Halo. While you may never run into Christijana on the gamer-channels, you can certainly watch her playing with some fine glass:

All photos were taken by Gil NugPorn.

Every week, we’ll be bringing you a new babe with buds.┬áIf you think you’ve got what it takes to be a KushSmoke girl or know any solid candidates, email me at KushSmokeTips@gmail.com with some photographs or a Facebook link.


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