Grower Busted After Girlfriend’s Daughter Eats Pot Brownie Wednesday 25 April, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

weed brownie

Growers take note: when you have 117 plants growing in your basement and a 9-year-old girl living in your house, head over to your buddies’ crib to make some special brownies. Or at least put them in a pantry high enough that the kid can’t reach it.

According to a search warrant affidavit, the raid grew out of an incident earlier this month in which Warnick’s 9-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital after she allegedly ate a brownie laced with marijuana.

A team of sheriff’s deputies and agents with the Yakima Drug Enforcement Administration task force reported it seized 117 marijuana plants inside the home, according to a criminal complaint.

Also seized were “numerous” packaged baggies of marijuana and steroids, according to the complaint.

Agents said in court documents that Marvin had allegedly been growing marijuana in his basement for two years but admitted only to “donating” it to other medical marijuana patients.

He and Warnick are being held in the Yakima County jail pending another hearing before Hutton Wednesday.

Yakima County jail director Ed Campbell in a Saturday telephone interview said Warnick works for Baltimore-based ConMed Healthcare Management, which is contracted to provide medical services to the county jail.

She was arrested Friday morning behind the jail when she arrived for work, said Campbell, who also said it was the first he had learned of the case.

Her security clearance has been suspended and she won’t be able to return to work while the case is pending, he said. [Yakima-Herald]

Burn. What a double whammy for the grower. Not only does he see cops confiscate his entire crop, but he’s being held in jail without bail. On top of that, he’s probably now single. Pretty bum deal for him but that’s what you get for getting high on your own supply. All he had to do was put a “do not touch” label on the brownies, hide them somewhere out of plain sight, and he’d still be living the dream. Instead, he’s probably going to end up serving some time. But it’s hard to feel too sorry for him when he’s got a bunch of sacks of steroids with his nug. Couldn’t be two more different drugs on this planet. One saves lives, the other shrinks testicles and completely genetically alters people. Why the hell would someone who grows weed have anything to do with such a crap drug? Karma has a funny way of kicking people who mess with such disgusting drugs as steroids.

As for his nurse girlfriend, well, taking your daughter to the hospital for eating a weed brownie is a bit of an over-reaction, especially when you’re a licensed nurse. Not like anyone at that hospital is going to do anything you can’t do yourself. Not like she’s going to need to go on life support for eating a little bud. Give her some Nyquil, have her drink some water, and she’d probably be okay. Instead, she loses her child to protective services (for doing the “moral” thing) and probably lost her job.

You’d think the state of Washington would be happy that a certified nurse was growing marijuana and not some common street thug. And for trying to take care of your kid because of an honest accident that occurred in a medical marijuana state. Funny how the justice system works.

ps Why the hell wouldn’t the grower relocate his stash after the girl went to the hospital? Just a nonsensical move, keeping steroids and a huge grow in your crib when you know protective services may be snooping around.


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