“Craigslist Dealer” Busted in South Carolina Tuesday 03 April, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

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A South Carolina man acquired some dank nuggets. He then tried to sell these dank nuggets on Craigs List. This is how it went down down South.

According to a police report, officers first became aware of Andrew Maxwell of 22 Clayton Street in Malden through a craigslist post advertising the sale of “purple,” a particular kind of marijuana.

An officer exchanged several emails with Maxwell, a police report said, before agreeing to buy a “slice” (a street term meaning one-eighth of an ounce) behind the 99s on March 26.

The officer then exchanged a number of text messages with Maxwell before meeting Maxwell in the parking lot. Once in the vehicle, the officer handed over $60 of cash a received a bag of what he believed to be marijuana.

The officer then left the vehicle and told his colleagues he had made the buy. Maxwell drove out of the parking lot before an officer stopped him on Rutherford Avenue. After being arrested, Maxwell told officers “I have weed in the car.”

Officers recovered a large plastic bag of marijuana in addition to a digital scale from the vehicle’s center console. Officers also recovered a small zipper bag containing marijuana from Maxwell’s jeans pocket. [Charlestown Patch]

This is has to be the dumbest weed dealer in the history of dumb weed dealers. And not just because he tried to sell purple on Craigs List. His true stupidity is found in how he allowed himself to be strung along like a puppet. Let’s analyze.

1) In theory, advertising “purple” rather than “marijuana” was a wise decision. It’s ambiguous, and it was intended to throw snooping police off his trail. It backfired.

2) This cop either did his research, has been going undercover to bust petty dealers for some time, or used to be a pothead. The term “Slice” is not exactly a novel or unknown one. But it’s one I thought your typical, Boston Creme fondling cop wasn’t aware of. The cop’s drug lexicon worked well, evidently.

3) Agreeing to meet behind a 99 (some kind of Piggly Wiggly South Carolina supermarket wannabe) was the first misstep. The only worse place to meet someone for a drug deal than a supermarket is a 7-11. This should’ve immediately raised eyebrows. You’d be better off meeting someone at a peep show to execute a drug deal.

4) Drug deals should be quick and simple. The exchange of texts is pretty simple. Custie says “hey man, I heard you got fire. Can I grab a slice.” Dealer responds “yah, meet me at my crib at this time, see you then.” Anything more than two texts per either side should make you raise those eyebrows another notch. Just not a good call.

5) Andrew Maxwell should’ve at least tried to eat the pot before admitting it was on him. It would’ve been worth a shot.

6) Why do people that get busted like this always have two first names?

And now allow me to reiterate: you should not by weed off of Craig’s List

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