Top Ten Most Sold Strains of Weed in February Wednesday 28 March, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


Some pretty interesting numbers here…I am so heated that KUSH is not number one:

Legal Weeds Top 10 Greatest Hits Infographic


Well looks like Blue Dream has fast become the Budweiser of marijuana strains. Is it the best bud money can buy? Obviously not. But like every liquor store you walk into, you’ll find Blue Dream on the shelves of nearly every medical marijuana dispensary you walk into.

And like a Bud Heavy, it’s pretty reliable to do the trick. Looks good, smokes good. Just nothing phenomenal about it. I’m actually a fan of the Sativa that most stoner snobs scoff at. Is it commonplace? Yes. But sometimes that’s nto always a bad thing.

As for my beloved Kushes. Well, if you took all the variety of OG’s that are on shelves, no doubt it’d be number one. If Blue Dream is Budweiser, then OG Kush is Guinness. Because every dispensary that knows what’s up carries OG. And like a thick creamy Guinness, OG’s always get the job done.

Final note. Bubba Watson should start rocking Bubba Kush shirts on the golf course.

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  • jack says:

    i’m a fan of indica and sativa strains but i came across some next level type bud Called OG Jack The Diesel OG kush x Jack The Ripper x Sour Diesel it’s so strong you can smell it through a pill bottle

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