Linsanity OG Kush Has Arrived Friday 09 March, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

linsanity og

Sorry Ricky Ross–or the dispensary where you got it from–but I’d like to take full credit for Linsanity OG being on the shelves of a California dispensary:

As you can see, I called for this to happen on twitter almost a month ago (Lin was my Valentine). Much thanks to Rosay aka Teflon Don and his tweet for helping medical marijuana and the brilliance behind its strain names go mainstream today.

p.s. As a Knicks fan, this pisses me off. They’re three games under .500 and Lin hasn’t gelled at all with Melo and Stat since Melo’s return. Tyson Chandler–who’s the most important player on the team–is hurting. Basically, the Knicks are pretty much fucked at the moment. And naming a strain after Linderella won’t change that. I will however gladly smoke that shit in a blunt this weekend–it’s the only way I can deal with the stress that comes with being a diehard Knicks fan.

Now can somebody please tell me where I can get some of it?

Update: these are the three dispensaries currently carrying Linsanity in Kush form

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