KushSmoke Girl of the Week: Jo Saturday 24 March, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush


This week’s KushSmoke Girl of the Week, Jo, will cure any dry mouth you’re currently experiencing. Get lifted with her:

All photos were taken by Gil NugPorn.

Every week, we’ll be bringing you a new babe with buds. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a KushSmoke girl or know any solid candidates, email us at kushsmoketips@gmail.com with some photographs or a Facebook link.


  • caleb says:

    yuor hot… and i like the bong i have one simiilar to it

  • juan says:


  • Michael L says:

    bomb ass girl and bomb smoke!
    time to clean my bong. Once you clean your glass pipe with Kush Clean you no longer have to taste the leftover stale resins and tars. AVOID Breaking Your EXPENSIVE Glass with other products or methods that require you to shake or use abrasives! Kush Clean’s NON ABRASIVE NO SHAKING NECESSARY Formulation just could possibly save you the headache, cleanup and cost of losing a nice piece of glass.

    Happy 420

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