Keep Your Stash Fresh With Herb Preserve Monday 12 March, 2012

By: Harvest Honey

Herb Preserve

I’ll admit it, I didn’t even think it was possible to preserve herb for six months. But after using Herb Preserve’s mind-blowing “World’s Best Stash Jars”, I can see why they are trusted by stoners and growers everywhere.

After just a few days storing my herbs in their containers, the difference was clear. My nugs stayed as fresh and dank as the day I dropped them in the jar. But what really shocked me was what happened after a few months. The herb simply NEVER dried out. It stayed fluffy, the crystals didn’t fall off. The color didn’t fade. The smell seemed to get stinkier as time went by.

How does it work? Their site explains it better, but basically their nug jars are airtight, smellproof, and block out all visible light. They were designed by scientists to provide an optimum environment to preserve herbs. Their site shows pictures of a seven month lab test in which their jar was pitted against clear glass using a tomato. The results were INSANE! After 7 months, the tomato that was kept in their jar still looked edible.

They appear jet black at first glance, but you can see some cool purple hues when you hold it up to a light. Their apothecary jars look like works of art. And they have nine sizes, including a super convenient pocket-size style, and a couple behemoths which hold way more than any standard mason jar.

Prices range from just $10 up to $75 for their largest jar, but they are running some really great promotions right now which offer incredible value. The best part is, they let you combine their deals, but who knows how long that will continue so you better buy quick. Spend $25, and they include an extra pocketsize LA Confidential jar. Spend over $50, and you’ll ALSO get a Himalayan Gold Preroll jar. Spend over $75, and they ship it for FREE (their normal shipping rates aren’t bad, though). And through March 31, use code WEEDMAPS to save 15% off every order (though that’s limited to the first 100 people who
use the code).

So whether you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge or had never heard of Herb Preserve before, it’s time to upgrade your stash and treat your herb right. Go with the World’s Best. Buy Herb Preserve stash jars now.

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