Dude Pulled Over for Smoking and Texting Next to a Cop Friday 23 March, 2012

By: Kaptain Kush

texting while driving

Many stoners blaze while driving and text while blazing. But it takes a real man of genius to do all of the above while a cop is next to him on a motorcycle.

Here’s the latest proof that to be young and dumb (or in this case, slightly brain dead) can be so utterly beautiful at times.And it’s kind of shocking that this kid wasn’t tripping on acid.

Steven J. Wacek, 20, of the 15300 block of Walnut Road in Oak Forest, was arrested around 12 p.m. March 14. An officer said he was headed westbound on 167th Street when he stopped at Oak Park Avenue for a red light. It was at that time that the officer saw Wacek “pressing a multitude of keyboard characters” on his phone for about 30 seconds, then pick up a multi-colored, glass “one hitter” and smoke out of it, according to the police report.

“(The officer) asked the driver why he would be smoking cannabis with an officer text to him and while he was driving,” the report said. “The driver replied that he smokes it while he’s driving all the time.”

Police said they found 3.3 grams of marijuana, 20 blue Alprazolam tablets and 25 Hydrocodone pills in the car. Wacek told officers he got the pills from his grandmother, who later denied ever giving them to him and eventually got them back from police, the report said.

Steve needs to make a couple friends or hop on chat-roulette more often. Cause it’s like this kid was bored at home playing Call of Duty on Xbox Live and decided “fuck it, I’m going to go for a cruise and see what kind of shenanigans I can get myself into. But first, let me pop a few of grandma’s magic pills.”

Look, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smoked while driving. But if there’s one rule of the road that I adhere to it’s this: check your blind spots before you puff. You’ve got to be either completely zoned out or just blazed out your mind to pull a schmohawk move like this. Cause it sounds like the cop was literally staring at him for about 30 seconds. And it’s not like cops in suburban Illinois have much else to do but be on the lookout for menaces to society.

Also gotta love that Stevie was also riding dirty with Xanax and Norcos that he jobbed from his grandma. Which was almost as dumb as smoking in front of his car. Any basic druggie knows that when you pinch pills from your folks, you skim from the top.

The next┬átime you’re looking for excitement, Steve, heres a fun game you should play: drink half a bottle of Nyquil, head over to YouJizz, and see if you can beat the clock. Just make sure your grandma’s not at home.

p.s. Smoking while driving is MUCH less dangerous then texting while driving. You don’t have to look at your weed to smoke it.


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